Thursday, January 26, 2012


It was obvious early on that certain colour trends were emerging this season. Thankfully one of my favorites reigned supreme for fall/winter. Green! Wether it's sea green, olive, emerald or moss it's up to you. The army green, if not militarian trend was strong this year and extended to coats, knits, hats, shoes and scarves. 

Second to green this season you could barely go a show without seeing burgundy or red, specifically the former. Givenchy chose red as a theme alongside stars and stripes but other designers chose it to make more of a statement. Or in the case of Mugler, burgundy made up entire looks in different shades.

Last up is blue. Diesel Black Gold released their look in a powdery tone but the closer we got to Paris the blue became more electric. Again with blue we see this used more as a statement piece so you can take pointers from these looks on how to execute it into your own style.