Friday, July 22, 2011

World Fashion | New York City Fashion Schools

New York City is known for high fashion and the latest of styles and trends. What better place to learn about the fashion industry than in New York City. There are high schools in New York City which offer major studies in high fashion design, Community Colleges offering Associate Degrees fashion in technology. From Hoboken to Jersey City the whisper is all about careers in high fashion.

Fashion Schools in New York City, Hoboken and Jersey City

When one thinks about Park Avenue you get a vision of a tall, thin, leggy model walking her Irish Wolfhound dog in her Channel suite. The industry of high fashion is probably one of the most brutal and difficult to break into. There are schools by the hundreds waiting to offer student loans and big dreams of being the courtier for the rich and famous. There are colleges and institutes from Hoboken to Jersey City if you don't prefer the scene in Manhattan.

High Fashion Design in New York City

When searching for a school to learn high fashion in and around New York City you can simply Google "New York City Fashion Schools." Hundreds of ads pop up with maps, descriptions and come-ons. There are many institutes which offer on-line computer classes. The computer classes are ideal for those who have to hold down a pre-career job and need to study evenings from home.