Thursday, June 30, 2011

World Fashion | Online Fashion Degrees

Online fashion degrees - Welcome to online fashion degrees where you can find a wide variety of fashion degrees, online fashion degrees, fashion merchandising degrees, and online fashion design schools! Check out the top universities and colleges offering online fashion degrees now.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in fashion then now is the time to start down the road that will train you in the tools you will need to succeed in the fashion industry. There are plenty of options for breaking into the fashion industry, but earning a online fashion degrees is one of the better methods because you will learn store design, visual merchandising, retail management, fashion design, or any of the many different career opportunities available in the fashion industry.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

World Fashion | Rihanna is A New Fashion Designer

While being at the Gucci catwalk show at Milan Fahion week, Rihanna told WWD that she is working on her own fashion collection.

She is to design a series of outfits, which have already splashed in fashion earlier this year when she created a design for charity.

I can’t say when it will be released, but it’s definitely going to happen,”

I’m not one to rush into anything. I want to take my time.”

Rihanna who is the latest spokeswoman for Gucci, shoot her first advertising campaign with the brand over the summer and it is said to run in publications later this Fall.

Rihanna took part in a project called ‘Fashion Against Aids’ in which she teamed up with the H&M chain to design a line that included hoodies and T-shirts.

Also, she partnered with Totes to design a collection of fashion-conscious umbrellas.

Monday, June 27, 2011

World Fashion | Snappers happy at new photo gallery

THIS is the first look inside the new home of the Photographers' Gallery.

The four-storey centre off Oxford Street is a taster of the full-blown £15.5 million space due to open on the site in 2011.

The £250,000 temporary transformation opens tomorrow and includes dedicated space for galleries, studying and print-buying as well as a café.

It will be open for 18 months before it is demolished to be rebuilt in an eight-storey incarnation but it is already in strong contrast with the old gallery founded in 1971 in Great Newport Street.

There, cramped facilities meant visitors to the shows had to mingle with café users. The first exhibitions include photographs from the archives showing night scenes of Soho from the Thirties to Fifties and lost pubs and clubs including the Cat's Whiskers, where they began the trend for hand dancing as it was too small for proper jiving.

Upstairs, are large portraits of transvestites and other marginalised residents of San Francisco by American artist Katy Grannan.

Clare Grafik, the curator, said the new home was "brilliant" and added: "How exciting it is to have a space whose only purpose is as a gallery."

The gallery at 16-18 Ramillies Street is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday with late viewing until 8pm on Thursday and Friday.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

World Fashion | Why go to fashion school?

You are creative. You can sew. You have a sketchbook of designs the Hilton sisters will drool over. So, why go to fashion school? There are many reasons:

1. You will be taught.

The study of fashion design involves hands-on training, so, yes, you can prepare yourself by developing many skills on your own. However, when you choose to pursue a fashion design degree, you are choosing to be taught.

What does this mean? You will interact with instructors and professors who will teach you new and advanced skills. You will be critiqued and your technique will be perfected through exchanges with other students.As a fashion design student, you will have the time and opportunity to hone and perfect your craft without the pressures of clients and your career.

2. You will be inspired.

Who will you encounter in fashion school? Other talented, excited, inspired young artists. Design school affords fashion students the opportunity to experiment and feed off of the energy and innovation of other students. In our opinion, this experience can only make your own design work better.

3. You will be prepared.

The challenges and obstacles of earning your fashion design degree will thoroughly prepare you for the fast-paced, “so five minutes ago” fashion industry. Also, your courses and class projects will give you an opportunity to build out a diverse portfolio of your student work, which make your skills more marketable.

4. You will get a job.

Yes, it is true, and quite possibly the most important reason you should go to fashion school. What distinguishes you from the leagues of other creative, skilled seamstresses? Your degree! Employers want designers who can commit to work hard and achieve success – two abilities obtaining a degree proves you have.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

World Fashion | Online Fashion College

Partaking online schooling has been the latest trend among professionals which not only saves plenty of their time but also guarantees a degree, with all its parts virtually, if at all they could not avail traditional college courses. One can learn anything under the sun through distance schooling, online. In this case Fashion Schools are the ones that may even be thought about because it may not be the case where you can receive a proper college in your locale, or even in case you live somewhere remote, where travelling might be a controversy, you need to have a set up for an online connection and over on along with your study.

Online courses are chiefly for professionals who shall not must compromise with their regular hours of work but can also take up the courses of their choice online. Say, individuals who work in fashion or textile designing industries can always opt for other degrees which would enhance their CV, so in such cases, they don’t must resign from their existing work.

All of us must do a lot with fashion in our day to day lives, and there’s plenty of people among us who need to pursue fashion designing as their career. The traditional Fashion Colleges are pricey, but getting through a nice online coursework where you will get the same modules and same practicals can be thought about a nice option.

The Fashion Funda

There’s a few options which an online coursework shall provide to you and you ought to be able to pick the relevant ones, for Fashion Schools in the net.

This career incorporates plenty of hard work and has several facets, options and courses of specialization. You must be aware of your goals before you step in to a coursework, and in order to be positive of it you can talk to a career counselor or the support the Fashion Schools you pick online gives you.

Time management would not be much of an issue because you would be given coursework materials and assignments and you will be allotted a specific date by which you need to give it up.

Know-how is a must, and since you will must attend seminars etc. it is recommended you have the whole preliminary set ups, with that of a webcam, headsets, mic and as well as a nice net connection.

Initially, you will must go through positive number of assignments and courses, and doing well in them ought to be your aim. You shall must get internships later.

You must know how to sketch, draw and sew. You must be able to revise them, and gradually create your own portfolio of designs.

Fashion Schools Online also give you thoroughly recognized and accredited degrees. You may pick the Fashion School you desire, either some foreign school or even government school, which can give you a proper diploma or a bachelor’s or master’s degree even.

Friday, June 24, 2011

World Fashion | Online Fashion Design School

If you ask yourself: "Should I study at a online fashion design school ?" Here are a few things you should know that you can help your decision. First, the CBA identified by studying online fashion design school. This kind of education cuts many of the costs associated with school, such as gas for residential, a parking pass and other school related items that you add in price. Even if you research online, you can tackle courses at your own pace and focus on your studies online fashion design school if you have time. In answer to the question: "Should I study at a online fashion design school?" You can be a good reason to do it if you have other pressing engagements.

World Fashion | Fashion Clothing for Teens

Fashion Clothing

Fashion clothing does not mean expensive designer wears but any piece of garment that will make you look like a fashion diva. A slim harem pant paired with a lacy tank top with black or beige oxfords is extremely stylish. Complete the look with a robust black watch and a cocoon cardigan. If you want a more elegant style, go for the classic American style. For this style pick up a black peplum dress, pair it up with a drapey cardigan. Top it up with a jeweled necklace and black high heels for the fabulous retro look.

For a soft velvety smooth look try a pale pink lace tank top and pair it with an off-white bandage skirt, for your feet loud pink or green suede pumps are perfect fits. Accessorizing with a big floral headband and a floral pattern engraved ring will compliment the attire. Therefore, you see fashion clothing is all about how fashionable you can get with simple line of clothing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

World Fashion | Fashion Style 2011

The royal wedding served as a public viewing of traditional pomp and cutting-edge Brit-style, from Kate Middleton's classic wedding dress to ...Royal wedding fashion: Style verdicts on the fashion winners and Covering the world of fashion, designers, models, celebrities, beauty, and shopping. Comprehensive runway reviews, images, videos, and insider ...The latest news in shopping and fashion trends today. Find out what to wear ...Ongoing fashion and style news and reviews, along with Bill Cunningham's On the Street, slide shows and other multimedia. What's Your Fashion Style? Find out what your likes and dislikes say about your signature fashion style.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

World Fashion | Fashion Summer Dresses

“I am inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies,” Ralph Lauren wrote in his program notesof sring summer 2010 New York Fashion Week. Vintage floral print dresses, white cotton, drop-dead gowns, Lauren’s theme was centered around the early 20th century laborer.

Fashion Summer Dresses 2010

Dresses are a wonderfully flexible way to feel feminine and confident, and at Debenhams you’ll discover a wide range of dresses from renowned designers.

Summer is almost here and this is when you should be looking for that perfect summer dress 2010.Slipping into a gorgeous dress is guaranteed to make you feel special no matter the style, from flirty floral dresses to maxi dresses, party frocks to maternity dresses.

summer dresses made from natural material like cotton are a bit more expensive than those dresses made from synthetic material like nylon and vinyl. But the summer is hot anyway, synthetic material will only make it worst!

Fashion is anything but constant; therefore, all fashion-adoring women have to remain updated with latest trends to keep up with the newest fashion trends. This summer halters, short and long spaghetti and strap spaghetti dresses top the wish list of fashionable ladies who want to wear comfy beach dresses that allow the sun to kiss their skin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World Fashion | Promotional Modeling Agencies

The Life of A Promo Model

Promotional models which are also called brand ambassadors, are people who are hired by an event staffing company and needed drive consumer demand for a particular brand, company, product or service. Promotional models can be male or female, and anywhere between the ages of 18 to 65+. You don't have to look like a high fashion model to get booked for the best promo jobs, but a well-groomed appearence, positive and professional personality, and reliability is key in order to make money in promotions.

Being a promo model or brand ambassador has its benefits. Because you are generally a self0employed independent contractor, you are free to take jobs when you can (making promotions an ideal job for people seeking to supplement their income, models and actors, teens and college students, and young mothers).

Types of Promotions

There are many different types of promo modeling opportunities for different types of personalities and skill levels. Convention or spokesmodels are the highest paid promo models (making over $50 an hour). Agencies seeking convention models are highly selective and often go for a certain type of look. Convention models generally look like fashion or glamor models and articulate, professional and well-groomed. Convention models act as brand ambassador to educate and create awareness about a product/company/service in large business convention settings. Other types of promotions include nightclub promoters, product demonstrators (think in-store demonstrations and food sampling) and guerrilla-style marketing (involving a team of brand ambassadors at large public events). In order to book these types of jobs, you must sign up with as many promotional agencies.

Where to Find Promotional Modeling Jobs

Finding legitimate promotional modeling jobs takes a little work and research. Newbies need to conduct an online search for legitimate promotional model agencies by typing in "event staffing agencies" or "promotional modeling agencies."

Promotional Model Agencies, Promotional Models and Fashion Models: Get Work. Network. and are online resources that post legitimate promotional agency info, casting call and promotional jobs daily. These websites give models the opportunity to network with industry professionals to improve their chances of getting selected for more work.

World Fashion | Plus Size Clothing,Dresess and More - For Shopisticated Style Buy KIYONNA™

A leader in the plus-size clothing industry, KIYONNA™ has styled curvy women with its collection of contemporary plus size dresses and separates since 1996. This modern yet feminine label offers styles exclusively in sizes 0x-5x. These well-edited silhouettes can be found online and in specialty plus size clothing stores across the country and beyond. Specializing in silhouettes that are made to flatter a woman's curves, the online boutique offers plus size evening wear including wedding dresses, to laid back tops and skirts with fashion forward sensibility. Essential to every woman's wardrobe, Kiyonna also offers plus size body shapers by Spanx.