Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Internet + Outlet x Designer Labels - £1 =?

No you're not back in maths class (thank God!). In fact, there's not really any maths involved in this, apart from adding up how MUCH money you will save and how GOOD you will look!

And it'll all be thanks to the Net-A-Porter online designer outlet,
Already into it's first year, The Out Net is basically hand-me-down stock from a season or-or-two ago from Net-A-Porter. And as SO many designers have been creating an emphasis on "Investment Pieces" the past few years then I have no complaints about this what so ever.

Still on trend for Spring/Summer 2010

Each month the site hosts time-limited pop-up sales (themed designer sales that will be available for a limited time), giveaways and "going, going, gone" sales (for any fashionista to snap up a designer label at an irresistible price - watch the price drop as the clock ticks but hurry or you may lose it), that will definately give us a "GOTTA HAVE IT NOWWWWW..." kind of buzz. 

Next month is the most interesting in my mind however. When you visit the site (coz I know you will) click on this image...

... and register your details by 11th April to get yourself an invitation to the sale of a LIFETIME.
On April 16th everything in this sale is £1!
And with that I don't think I need to say any more :)
Love Claire x