Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ink is the New Black!?

We’ve all heard the expresssion “Chanel is in my blood” but were we ready for it to be on our skin?  The newest innovation from the house of Chanel is temporary tattoos as seen in their catwalk shows as well as stars such as Lily Allen and Daisy Lowe. 
Sarah Jessica Parker even teamed some with her gorgeous Oscars outfit!

I think they are an interesting concept and are definitely set to be the must have "accessory" for Summer 2010.
If you want to follow the tattoo trend this summer but can’t wait for the Chanel
waiting list to go down or you can’t afford the £49 price tag then I have the answer! 

Inkwear provides fashionable temporary tattoo jewellery in a vibrant range of colours,
designs and sizes. Their tattoos are designed to give the us choice and fun when
customising our look! 

You can colour match the different designs and link different tattoos
creatively to give your tat a unique edge while being right on-trend.

Inkwear’s stylish range includes intricate necklaces, wrist chains and eye-catching
original tattoo collections. The transfers range in price from as little as £2 to £3 for individual tattoos and from £6.99 for sets.

There is a massive choice of over 500 designs available from  and all products are non-toxic, skin safe and FDA approved (phew).

Love Claire x