Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Female Rappers with Tattoos: Past & Present

A good amount of female rappers have tattoos. They use their body art as a representation of themselves and their public personas. Personally, I think Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes had the best tattoos. They were not gaudy and held great meaning. Also, she had the courage to tattoo herself in the early 90's when many female rappers, like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, were not doing such things. Nowadays, it's a norm for a female rapper to be tatted up. Trina, Nicki Minaj, Charlie Baltimore, Foxy Brown, Khia, Jackie-O and Eve all have several tattoos. Lil Kim seems to be the only one one to not have any actual tats. Jackie-O, Khia and Charlie Baltimore appear to have the biggest ones. Each woman has her own personality and individual style, but I wonder when they get older how their body art will look...

Tattoo Spotlight: Angelina Jolie Vs. Megan Fox

Well, well, well. These two women are like gorgeous twins that were separated at birth. Now, with their obvious physical similarities aside we can concentrate on the real purpose of this entry. Their body art. I won't lie, both females have amazing tattoos, but Angelina's takes the crown in this case. Angie's tats are more original, meaningful and she didn't copy off anyone which is something that Megan Fox can't quite say. If you want a full explanation and a rundown of all of Angie's tattoos and the meanings behind them follow this link: For a rundown and explanation of Megan's tats go here: It seems as though Megan has used Angelina's physicality as a means of success for herself. Hmmm, with my opinion aside I'd like to hear whose body art you find more original and heartfelt.